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AKC Canine Good Citizen Training Program and Certification
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Serving the Palm Beaches for over 30 years
Puppy Basic Obedience with Guidelines to Prevent Bad Behavior
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Deaf Dog Training
From the very start your new puppy learns important lessons from snuggling with his mom to wrestling with his littermates forming personality traits and social skills that he will have for the rest of his life so continued socialization is imperative.
Correct bad habits before they begin while laying a solid foundation for your puppy. Together we will problem solve, make housebreaking easy and effective all while teaching your new puppy the fundamental commands, hand signals 
and attention training paramount to raising a well-rounded adult dog.
My training program is designed to motivate your adolescent or adult dog to learn in a positive manner through praise, play and reward. 

I will teach you how to train your dog so that good behavior will become second nature to him. Imagine your dog walking on leash sitting every time you stop
My program teaches attention with the use of verbal commands and hand signals which expedites the training process in learning to sit, down and come. 
My greatest teachers have been the hundreds of dogs that I have been blessed to interact with through my life's journey
forever changing me and how I approach modifying negative behavior. 

The first step is to understand your dog's behavior and how his mind works. Once we understand why a dog is acting out we can quickly modify his bad behavior so that he blossoms and shines in ways you never expected.

Whatever the problem there is a solution. All we need is to find the right approach so that your dog happily responds..
Arrangements can be made for one on one motivational training while your dog is a guest in my home. 

I will design the proper approach best suited for your dog's personality so that he has fun while learning expediting the process.
A follow-up session in your home is advised to ensure your dog's success.
​I offer CGC training to all those who wish to refine their dog's skills so our beloved companions will always be welcome and respected members of our community spreading love and joy no matter where they go.

Once passing a ten point test your dog will be awarded the AKC CGC Certificate allowing you to take your dog to hospitals, schools and nursing homes.
Training a deaf dog is not so different from training a hearing one, you must just "talk" in a different language. It doesn't require any more time, effort or necessarily different methods, just different cues. Dogs do not understand the English language other than commands learned but rely on body language and scent primarily then barking, whining or growling.

I have a proven program for training deaf dogs which with a bit of tweaking is the same approach I use for hearing dogs.